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In a bid to disrupt the country’s flourishing ecosystem of online disinformation, Philippines lawmakers approved a key provision in the proposed Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Registration Act mandating that social media accounts are created using a legal name and phone number.

In a country with a history of online trolling, disinformation, and the use of anonymous social media accounts, the act was an attempt by the legislature to mandate users to divulge facts that would allow them to be tracked.

The Bill would compel users to disclose their real identities and phone numbers when registering social media accounts, potentially allowing the authorities to trace those responsible for abusive behavior online.

The legislation will mandate public telecommunication organizations (PTEs) to require the registration of SIM cards prior to sale and activation to limit the spread of crimes enabled by SIM cards and other forms of electronic communication.

Fines or imprisonment are proposed for failing to comply with mandatory registration, breach of confidentiality, use of fictitious identities, spoofing, and unauthorized sale of SIM cards under the proposed legislation. In order to become a law, the bill must be signed by President Duterte.

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