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Iran At a glance
  • Official name: Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Head of State: President H.E. Dr. Ebrahim Raeisi

  • National Day: 11th of February (Islamic Revolution of Iran-1979)

  • Capital: Tehran

  • Area: 1,648,195 km2

  • Land boundaries: 5,894 km

  • Sea boundaries: 2,440 km

  • River boundaries: 1,918 km

  • Border countries  land borders: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan, maritime borders: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Climate: Mostly arid or semi-arid, temperate along Caspian coast and mountainous temperate along west and north-west.

  • Natural resources: Petroleum,  natural  gas, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, lead, manganese, zinc, sulfur

  • Arable land: 15,645 thousand hectares (2019)

  • Meadows and pastures: 29,477 thousand hectares (2019)

  • Forest and woodland: 11,075 thousand hectares 6.8%

  • Other: 258,000 sq. Km (15.7%)

  • Irrigated land: 7,972.1 thousand hectares

  • Agricultural products: Wheat, rice, barley, potato, grains, sugar-beet, cotton, fresh & dried fruits, dates, pistachio, fruits, nuts,  poultry, meat, dairy products, wool; caviar, flowers and medicinal plants.

  • Population: 85,580,941 (2021)

  • Population growth rate: 1.3 % (2020)

  • Religions: Muslim (99.56%) and Zoroastrian, Christian & Jewish (0.44%)

  • Languages: Persian and Persian dialects, Azeri, Kurdish, Lori, Baloochi, Arabic

  • Literacy: Total (85.54%)

  • Currency: Rial (IRR)

  • GDP: 10,81.38 USD (2021)

  • GDP per capita: 670.00 USD (2021)

  • GDP growth rate: 3.39% (2020)

  • Total Imports: 38.76 billion USD (2020)

  • Total Exports:  54.24 billion USD (2020)

  • Foreign Direct Investment: 905.60 USD (2020)

  • Industries: Oil and gas, steel, aluminum, copper, electric and electronic equipment, cement & other building materials, metallurgy, home appliances, iron, textile, rugs and carpets, tapestry, miniature, ceramic, food processing (particularly sugar refining & vegetable oil production), petrochemicals, and car manufacturing & assemblies

  • Electricity: Production: 276 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh)

  • Transportation:

  • Railways networks: 14078 km (2021)

  • Road networks: 220000 km (2013)

  • Ports: 11 

  • Airports: 64

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