Karimi & Associates Law Firm presents according to The Reuters:

Google Inc, the U.S. tech giant, has stated that it has filed a lawsuit against the Competition Commission of India (CCI) following the leak of a confidential CCI report into an antitrust investigation of Google. It has been reported that in a CCI investigation, it was had found that Google had abused the dominant position of its Android operating system in India, using its “huge financial muscle” to unlawfully weaken its competitors.

Google has previously stated that it looked forward to cooperating with the CCI to “demonstrate how Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less.” However, in the company’s latest statement it has been said that Google is “protesting against the breach of confidence which impairs Google’s ability to defend itself and harms Google and its partners.” “We cooperated fully and maintained confidentiality throughout the investigative process, and we hope and expect the same level of confidentiality from the institutions we engage with,” its statement added.

In 2019, India’s antitrust authority ordered a probe, claiming that Google appeared to have used its dominance to reduce device makers’ ability to choose alternate versions of its mobile operating system and force them to pre-install Google apps.

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