European Court of Justice fines Poland 1M euros per day for failing to reform its judiciary system

Karimi & Associates Law Firm presents according to The Guardian:

The European court of justice (ECJ) has fined Poland €1m per day for ignoring a ruling that it must reform its controversial judicial system changes.

The mentioned penalty, which is to be considered as the highest ever against a member state, has been imposed after a long-running battle between Brussels and Poland over changes that are said to undermine the independence of the country’s judiciary.

According to the ECJ’s order, Poland must pay €1m each day to the European Commission as a fine. Further, if Poland refuses to pay the fines, they will continue to stack up. The court has the power to increase the size of the financial penalties as well.

Sebastian Kaleta, Poland’s deputy justice minister in response to the mentioned situation has stated that: the ruling “completely disregards and ignores the Polish constitution and the rulings of the Polish constitutional tribunal”.

He tweeted: “It is acting beyond its competences, and abusing the institution of financial penalties and interim measures. This is the latest step of an operation aimed at detaching from Poland’s influence on the system of our state. It is usurpation and blackmail.” Moreover, Piotr Müller, a Polish government spokesperson, has stated that “The road of penalties and blackmail against our country is not the right one, This is not the model in which the European Union – a union of sovereign states – should operate.”

The commission is expected to seek payment immediately.

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