EU initiates legal actions against Poland over infringement of EU Law

Karimi & Associates Law Firm represents, according to Deutsche Welle:

The EU sends a formal notice of starting an infringement process against Warsaw, Poland due to violating EU law and undermines its primacy over Poland’s national judiciary. The European Commission has warned that Poland would be condemned to financial penalties for failing to comply with EU law. Also, Warsaw has two months to reply to the EU’s legal notice.

The European Commission “has serious doubts on the independence and impartiality” of the constitutional Polish court which ruled that “Law of Warsaw could take precedence over laws coming from Brussels, EU.” Also the European court of justice has ruled that the EU laws have supremacy over party states rules, even constitutional rules.

In response, the Polish Prime Minister said on national television, the EU notice showed that “a trend for “bureaucratic centralism is unfortunately progressing in Brussels but it has to be stopped.” Sebastian Kaleta, a Polish deputy justice minister, said the EU’s move was an attack on his country’s sovereignty.

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