Australian billionaire sued Facebook over misuse his reputation in scam ads

Karimi & Associates Law Firm represents according to Guardian:

An Australian billionaire has launched court action in California and Western Australia against Facebook over misuse of his picture in cryptocurrency scam ads.

In March 2019 some ads were uploaded to Facebook, using images of well-known people including Andrew Forest, an Australian billionaire, in their ads based on the target region. These ads are represented as a news story claiming the celebrity has made a big investment, but these ads take clickers to a fake website that includes a link claiming to be a cryptocurrency investment scheme.

Forest in Australian court alleging that Facebook has breached federal money laundering laws by failing to stop the ads. In the US court, he claims that these ads have damaged his reputation. He also referred to Facebook’s policy issues such as how this platform targets users for ads based on their location, interests, and other information.

He mentioned that: “Facebook is not simply providing neutral tools for bad actors to carry out fraudulent schemes. Instead, Facebook is utilizing its sophisticated method of collecting data, and then using that data to engage its users for longer periods of time with information, advertisements, and other material, irrespective of what that content is,”.

Facebook contrary to this argument has alleged that it cannot be held liable on a number of grounds, including that it is protected by section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, which limits the liability of websites for third-party content posted on those websites. The company hs also claimed that as Forest joined Facebook, he agreed to the company’s terms of service, he can not argue that Facebook is liable.

This dispute has notified both Republicans and Democrats that section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, requires reformation to protect users in situations where personalized algorithms serve up harmful content to users.

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