An Award facilitates the road for children of Iranian mothers and foreign fathers to Iranian citizenship

 Karimi and Associates Law Firm according to IRNA presents:

With the decision of the Administrative Justice Court, children born to Iranian mothers and non-Iranian fathers can now receive Iranian citizenship, even if their mother and father’s marriage is not registered.

Obtaining citizenship for children from the marriage of an Iranian woman and a non-Iranian man, after the approval of the Single Article of Resolution of Citizenship of Children from the Marriage of Iranian Women to Foreign Men approved in 2006 and amended in 2019, as well as the related Executive Regulation approved in 2020, is possible and now easier.

However, according to note 1 of article 3 of this Executive Regulation, children of non-registered marriages could not obtain Iranian citizenship.

After filing a complaint with the Administrative Justice Court, regarding the mentioned note, the Administrative Justice Court declared this note to be against the law and beyond the scope of its authority and revoked it.

Therefore, from now on, all the children who are the result of the marriage of an Iranian woman and a non-Iranian man, regardless of whether the marriage of the mother and father has been registered or not, under some conditions will have the possibility of obtaining Iranian citizenship.

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