A draft on the protection of Iranians abroad in the Majlis

Karimi and Associates Law Firm according to IRIB presents: The head of the fraction of Iranians abroad in the parliament said: “The government and the parliament are preparing a draft on the protection of Iranians abroad.

This bill is for Iranians abroad to improve their situation abroad and organize their affairs and solve existing problems such as military status, benefiting from legal rights and protecting their rights and improving movement and their banking transactions, etc…

The government and the parliament have formed a committee consisting of various officials to cooperate and have also sent groups abroad to better investigate the circumstances and communicate with them directly.

One of the most important goals of the government in this bill is to provide legal and judicial support to Iranians abroad and strengthen Iranian culture and attract their scientific contributions to their homeland and court their scientific, economic, cultural, and technological renovation capacities and also to aid the development of their country.

Furthermore, It should be noted that the above-mentioned proposal is currently undergoing expert reviews and if finalized will create a new atmosphere in the relations with the Iranian diaspora in various areas.

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