Will the law firms finally start using generative AI?

“Despite the slow rollout, 51% of law firm professionals believe tools such as ChatGPT should be applied to legal work, a survey found” LEGAL DIVE reports.

While generative AI-powered applications like ChatGPT have been known among legal practitioners in recent months, most law firm lawyers and staff are still hesitant to incorporate developing artificial intelligence technologies into their work.

According to the Thomson Reuters Institute survey, only 3% of respondents stated that they are already using ChatGPT for their law firm activities.

Some respondents strongly believe that generative AI should not be used for legal tasks that historically have been performed by humans.

They are more positive about the use of generative AI within the firm for non-legal tasks such as simple question-and-answer services or other administrative activities.

In conclusion, the Thomson Reuters Institute report states that “We are still early in the game for generative AI and ChatGPT, and any and all future use will have to address the growing awareness of the risks of use and the potential loss of business for non-use”.

It seems that the legal world still has a long way to go before fully accepting AI in its realm, and we should wait a little bit longer to see what is the best way to utilize this tech in this field.

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