Company Registration for Foreigners in Iran

Registering a company in Iran by foreign nationals has a mutual advantage for the nationals and Iran. As a result, Iran has continuously supported this and cleared the path for it to occur. Applicants can begin their legitimate economic and commercial activity in Iran by forming a company. Naturally, with the assistance of experts and consultants, this path will be made easier and faster.

In this regard, Karimi & Associates Law Firm, with a team of experienced and expert lawyers in various legal fields, by providing specialized legal advice, accompanies and supports your interests in this process.


Article 1 of the Company Registration Act states that any company established in Iran with its primary headquarters in Iran is regarded as an Iranian entity. As a result, foreign persons, both natural and legal, who become shareholders of the entity by registering it in Iran will be considered as an Iranian legal entity. The foreign investor can own all of the company’s shares, which implies one 100 % of the company’s shares, and there are no restrictions on the investment of foreign owners and shareholders, according to the law.

FIPPA License

When it comes to company registration in Iran, the FIPPA License is the next concern! Is it obligatory to apply for a FIPPA License as a foreigner to register a company in Iran?

The straight answer is No! However, it is undeniable that the FIPPA license provides many advantages that lead to more pleasant trading. For further clarification, please read the “FIPPA Protections and Incentives” article on our website.

Company Registration Advantages

As a foreigner, it is your right to know about the advantages of company registration in Iran. You can ask for the reasons and look for the options that could be granted to you by company registration.

Let’s have a look to some of the most prominent advantages:

Iran Residency

When a foreigner lawfully forms a company in Iran, they bring a large amount of capital into the country. As a result, the relevant organizations have attempted to recognize and support foreign investors in Iran so that they are able to stay in Iran. Of course, it is worth noting that the conditions of residence in Iran may vary as the country’s administrators and heads change.

As a result, before relying on this benefit, make sure to examine the state of the laws in Iran. The opportunity to benefit from scenic features, natural resources, and facilities in Iran is an excellent incentive to establish a reputable business in this country.

Unconditional Company Registration

Many countries around the world prohibit foreigners from legally registering companies. Or, if approval is granted, they may not transfer 100% ownership of the company to foreigners. Fortunately, there is no such barrier in Iran. As a result, foreigners can simply establish a company in Iran.

Types of Companies

Now that you know about the advantages, it is time to make a decision about the type of the company. According to the Commercial Law of Iran, there are 8 types of commercial companies, listed as below:

1- Public Joint Stock Company

2- Private Joint Stock Company

3- Limited Liability Company (LLC)

4- Proportional Liability Company

5- General Partnership

6- Mixed Partnership

7- Mixed Joint Stock

8- Cooperative Company

According to the “Company Registration Act” foreign natural persons or legal entities can establish and register any of these companies in Iran. However, we suggest to you to consider two types of these companies more than the others:

* Private Joint Stock Company:  A private joint stock company is set up with at least 3 partners and also there must be 2 inspectors.

* Limited Liability Company: A limited liability company consists of at least 2 shareholders.

If you want to get a loan, participate in tenders, and cooperate with important organizations, a private joint stock company is the best choice.

Required Documents

1- To begin with, it should be noted that an Iranian representative is necessary to execute all legal operations on behalf of foreigners. They should provide the representative with the Power of Attorney. The other documents are as follows:

2- Registration Statement

3- Article of Association

4- License obtained from the applicable ministry (each company must obtain a license from the relevant organization based on the sort of activity it has.)

Necessary Provisions in the Registration Statement

The company’s registration statement is one of the legal documents that a foreign citizen, together with other documents, must provide to the Company Registration Organization. The information that must be included in the declaration includes:

Company Name,

Type of the Company,

Type of Activity,



Minimum Capital,

Branch of Company (if any),

Company Representative,

Persian Statement,

Certificate of documents.

The samples of official documents (Article of Association, Memorandum, …) are accessible in Company Registration Office of Iran’s website.

A legal consultancy plays an important role in the company registration process. For an easy process and less complications in this path, contact Karimi & Associates Law Firm through our contact section and receive specialized legal advice in this field from our team of expert lawyers.

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