How to Obtain a Commercial Card in Iran

As an investor in Iran, whether you are an Iran’s citizen or a non-Iranian national, in order to import, export or more generally, do business in Iran’s Commercial and Trade System, you will need to acquire a Commercial Card from Iranian authorities. In this regard, Karimi & Associates Law Firm, as a professional law firm in Iran, is at foreign and domestic investors’ service and will fully support the investors and their interests by providing them with every type of legal, customs and tax requirements. Accordingly, in case you need professional legal assistance in initiating your business or investment in Iran, acquiring Commercial Card, or any other activity, you can  contact us.

What is Commercial Card?

A Commercial Card is a particular license rendered to natural persons and legal entities with which are authorized to start their business and transporting goods to and from Iran as their profession.  In other words, businessmen/businesswomen, legal entities, or companies will not be allowed to participate in commercially importing and exporting goods and Iran’s Trade System, unless they obtain a Commercial Card. By commercially, we mean that the goods are imported or exported for sale, whether they are sold without any change or after manufacturing, sorting, and packaging operations.

By holding this special license, the traders, merchants and also the companies will be able to easily operate their business and commerce in trading goods and take required steps in their profession.

It is possible for each natural person or legal entity to obtain 2 Commercial Cards. However, these 2 Commercial Cards shall be issued only in one type and according to the natural or legal personality of the holder. For instance, the natural persons can hold at most 2 Commercial Cards specifically for natural persons (in accordance with their type of personality).

Privileges of Commercial Cards

As mentioned above, holding a Commercial Card includes considerable privileges including granting permission for commercial professional activities (e.g., exporting and importing). However, there are other significant advantages, as following:

  • Foreign investors can register up to three English trademarks in Iran, by holding only one Commercial Card.
  • With the Commercial Card, the business owners can acquire Business Visas more easily.
  • They will be able to import goods to Iran in Free Trade Zones and enjoy the unique privileges of these zones.
  • Registration of goods’ orders is smoothly accomplishable by using this card.
  • Clearance of goods and Customs procedures will be simple.
  • It will be possible to communicate and build connections with international companies and business owners.
  • Businessmen/businesswomen or companies can participate in international trade and commercial exhibitions.
  • The Card holders will be also a member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

How to obtain Commercial Card in Iran?

Conveniently, it is possible for foreign natural persons and legal entities to apply for a Commercial Card in Iran. However, there are some ground rules and requirements need to be taken in consideration.

To obtain a Commercial Card in Iran, the investors, business owners and companies’ CEO shall become a member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, briefly as ICC. After the issuance of the Membership Card of the ICC, the investor (natural or legal person) can request for issuance of the Commercial Card.

Required Documents

The necessary documents for issuing the Commercial Card for natural persons and legal entities are not exactly the same. Accordingly, and regarding this fact that issuing a Commercial Card for legal persons shall be done by the CEO, we mention the required documents as below:

  • The original certificate of Conviction History of the applicant (natural persons/CEO),
  • Original Identification Card and 2 photos of the applicant,
  • The original copy of a valid educational qualification (at least a high school diploma is required.),
  • The original copy of the Military Service Completion Card for male applicants,
  • The original certificate of Seal of Accounts from the Companies Registration Office,
  • The original copy of the statement regarding registration in the commercial office, which has been confirmed by the Companies Registration Office,
  • Company’s Notice of Establishment in Official Gazette,
  • Economic Code for natural persons, and new Economic Code for the companies,
  • A special letter of commitment, signed by the applicant, by which natural and legal persons must undertake to act based on the relevant terms and conditions, and this form is considered as a certificate and undertaking against money laundering.)
  • The original copy of the certificate stating that the issuance of a Commercial Card to the applicant’s address is possible,
  • Providing one of the original documents of the Title Deeds, the original copy of the notarized Lease Contract, the original copy of the company’s Lease Contract,
  • Original bank certificate confirming the Chequing Account of the natural or legal person,
  • Valid production certificate from the relevant ministries.

Who is not allowed to receive a Commercial Card?

According to the regulations related to the issuance of Commercial Cards, three groups of persons are not allowed to receive commercial cards:

1) Persons who have criminal convictions,

2) Persons who are bankrupt due to fraud or fault,

3) Persons who are known for moral corruption or commercial abuses.

Different types of Commercial Cards in Iran

1) Commercial Trading Card: This type of commercial card, which is the most common type, is a license according to which a businessperson or a commercial company can be fully active in the export and import of goods (registration of orders, clearance of goods, import from free trade zones, etc.).

2) Service Commercial Card: This type of commercial card is rendered to persons who intend to invest and start a business with particular service fields.

3) Specific Commercial Card: Sometimes, a natural or legal person may only intend to carry out one export or import operation, without making export and import as their usual constant job. In such cases, the person can benefit from a specific commercial card to clear their goods.

4) Production Commercial Card: This type of card is issued to legal entities and is used when a company active in the field of production needs to import its workshop equipment and industrial machinery or raw materials and uses them to mass produce its export goods.

As previously mentioned, obtaining a Commercial Card can include many privileges for foreign and Iranian investors. In case you need legal consultancy and assistance, you can contact Karimi & Associates Law Firm and enjoy our experts’ topnotch services.

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