UNESCO member States adopted an agreement to ensure the development of Artificial Intelligence

Karimi and Associates Law Firm presents according to UN News:

States, private sectors, and technology companies are using Artificial Intelligent systems in present in many aspects, Artificial Intelligence can be useful and also damaging. According to UNESCO, AI is also supporting the decision-making of governments and the private sector, as well as helping combat global problems such as climate change and world hunger. adoption of a recommendation in ethics of AI was on the agenda of UNESCO for years and finally, 193 member states of UNESCO adopted this Agreement.

However, the agency warns that the technology “is bringing unprecedented challenges”.

Artificial Intelligence, has increased significant threats to privacy, dignity and agency, dangers of mass surveillance, and also increases the use of unreliable AI technologies in law enforcement. Until now, no universal standards have been adopted to control AI damages and the world need rules for Artificial Intelligence to benefit humanity. Although this UNESCO adoption is a recommendation, it is the first global normative framework that gives states the responsibility to apply it at their level.

One of the main considerations of this text, is the protection of data. Artificial Intelligence feed is data, so individual privacy and data protection are so important in this case. The text note that Artificial Intelligence actors, states, and tech firms should guarantee privacy by ensuring transparency, agency, and control over their personal data. Moreover, based on this text, actors of Artificial Intelligent systems should ensure that Artificial Intelligence becomes a tool against nowadays human challenges and  should help increase human commonwealth.

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