China-Iran forum for global economic and trade cooperation on 17th October 2023

The conference that took place in Chongqing, China, was of great significance, as it was attended by high-level officials from both Iran and China including Tehran City Council and China Municipality, to discuss the strengthening of ties between the two nations. The officials signed a Memorandum of Understanding to emphasize their commitment to cooperation and collaboration.
A notable highlight of the conference was the speech given by Mr. Anooshiravan Karimi, Managing Partner at Karimi & Associates Law Firm, who provided a detailed analysis of various sectors in Iran, such as legal, commercial, and investment opportunities in various fields such as; Iran’s energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, technology, communications and agriculture. He discussed the potential for growth and development in these areas, outlining the challenges and opportunities in each sector.
The conference aimed to promote mutual benefits for both Iran and China, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the relationship between the two nations. The officials discussed the need for cooperation and collaboration to achieve shared goals and objectives and signed the Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate their commitment towards working together.


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