Concerns about potential use of AI in news Media

Karimi & Associates Law Firm represents, according to The New York Times:

There are concerns among experts on Google’s development of an artificial intelligence tool that generates news articles. They fear that such tools could accidentally spread propaganda or endanger source safety.

Google is currently testing a new product called Genesis, which uses AI to produce news content. This tool is capable of taking in information about current events and turning it into news articles.

The product has already been pitched to The Washington Post, News Corp, and The Wall Street Journal. The launch of ChatGPT, a generative AI chatbot, last fall, has sparked debate about the role of AI in the news industry.

While AI can help researchers quickly analyze data and fact-check sources, there are concerns about the potential for propaganda and misinformation if AI-produced articles are not carefully checked. These concerns extend beyond Google’s Genesis tool to the use of AI in news gathering more broadly.

John Scott-Railton, who researches disinformation at the Citizen Lab in Toronto, warns that disinformation and misinformation could be unwittingly included in AI-generated articles if proper precautions are not taken.

In the recent decade, many countries like Australia, the U.K., Chile, the U.S.A., Malaysia, the Netherlands, etc., began to establish rules and acts regarding fake news, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda. Yet, all these regulations are regarding spreading fake news and misinformation by human beings, and not AI systems.

Currently, only a few countries have paid attention to AI-generated fake news; for example, China criminalizes fake news created by AI.

Google stated that its mission is to connect people with high-quality information. They are approaching AI in a responsible manner by providing users with tools to assess information, such as information literacy tools on Google Search.

The journalist must exercise caution when providing confidential information, including the identity of a source, to AI systems. It’s advisable not to share information that the journalist wants to keep private and prevent it from becoming public. According to the United States Federal Privacy Act of 1974, the disclosure of a record about an individual without written consent is prohibited!

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