More than 175,000 online courts have been held in Iran within four months

Karimi & Associates Law Firm represents according to Mizan News Agency:

Within the four first months of this year, more than 175,000 online hearings have been held in Iran.

Iran’s judicial system has not only turned the potentiality of online procedure into actuality, but it has also accomplished holding online courts in a significant number within only four recent months.

As new commutation technologies have affected almost every entity, legal systems and judicial procedures have met new challenges and necessities. Considering this vast impact and the essentiality of fast and facile hearings in a standard legal system, the Judicial Reform Document was adjusted and ratified to become the guideline for Iran’s judicial system. Along with this document and to achieve its purposes, electronic hearings were presented to the judicial system and courts.

The Judiciary Statistics and Information Technology Center’s manager, Mr. Mohammad Kazemi Fard, in his recent interview with the Mizan news agency, mentioned two current types of online hearings, including general online hearings for the public and online hearings for prisoners.

He also noted that with the measures taken in the first four months of this year, more than 175,000 court hearings were held electronically. Among this number, 74,923 electronic proceedings were among people, and 100,460 were held for prisoners.

Eventually, he pointed out the high favor of the people for this innovative approach in the judicial procedure.

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