BioNTech and Phizer have filed a lawsuit in counterclaim, against CureVac over its patent claims

Karimi & Associates Law Firm represents according to reuters:

BioNTech and its partner Phizer, two integrated American pharmaceutical company, have reacted to CureVac, German based vaccine maker, over its claims of vaccine patent infringement in German trials. They have filed a lawsuit against CureVac in U.S District Court in Massachusetts.

Earlier this month the CureVac has filed a patent lawsuit against BioNTech in Germany and claimed that BioNTech or any other COVID-19 vaccine makers who used mRNA technology to manufacture vaccines have infringed CureVac patent.

In the lawsuit CureVac has asserted that “it had accumulated over more than two decades of pioneering work in mRNA technology, which contributed to COVID-19 vaccine development.”

In response BioNTech and Phizer are seeking for a declaratory judgement in U.S court to prove that the Comirnaty, the first succesfull mRNA COVID-19 vaccine belonged to BioNTech and Phizer, did not infringe the CureVac patent and it does not worke in the same way as CureVac patented techonology.

CureVac also started development on COVID-19 vaccine by June 2021 but it wasn’t succesful and its manufactured vaccines have only 47 percent effectiveness in preventing COVID-19. The company stopped its developments and now CureVac faces $1 billion debts.

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